Section II: About the SF Advanced Course

Here are some of the topics covered at our advanced course:
Price Action – All our trading decisions are based on price behavior. Whenever we decide to enter a trade, the market needs to tell us it is going in the intended direction. It isn’t a bulletproof system, but it certainly is more effective than indicator based systems. What is even better is that you can combine this approach with other systems to increase their accuracy.
Mapping our Timeframe – It is very important to determine the trend in a timely and accurate way, our mapping method allows do it. It is an objective way to measure the trend, and its strength at any point. We also use this methodology to determine market turning points.
Money, Risk and Trade Management – These three aspects of the management tell us: how much to risk in our next trade, where to place our stop loss levels and how to handle an open position. We will learn advanced techniques to apply these methodologies.
Our Trading Systems – We share our trading systems, exactly how we determine low risk trading opportunities. Entry and exit points are just part of a trading system, we share our risk and trade management techniques, psychology behind the system, how to determine the market condition, etc.
Trading Psychology – How we deal with our emotions play a big role when it comes to trading, we will learn how to deal with them. It’s impossible to get rid of them, instead we need to use them in our favor.

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