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 Here at Mr. TAMIL aim is to get you to see the real truth about the Forex markets. Forex Bank Manipulation trading is all about price and how you can learn to read the charts correctly using the candlesticks that get printed, without the need for any indicators.

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Over the past 4.5 years our Forex Trading Course has helped numerous Traders Learn the Actual Trading Strategies and Techniques Mega-Banks use to move the market. Because these mega banks drive such massive sums of money They Leave a Figurative “Foot Print” in the sand that we as Retail Traders can Learn to Follow. 10 Banks Control Over 79% of the daily volume in the FX market. Therefore, if we know what position the banks are taking, we will know the Next Direction in the market with a much Higher Degree of Certainty. This is the basis for the Forex Bank Trading Course and Live Forex Trading studio.

I’m sure every trader reading this has tried every price pattern, candle pattern, indicator, EA, ect… What has been the result? The bottom line is every forex trading strategy out there tries to apply rules to a market that the banks control, when we should all really be learning how to track bank trading activity. Our forex course provides a look into how the banks trade, as well as actual trading strategies used by the banks.
10 Bank control over 75% of the volume in the forex market. As such they have the ability to drive short term market trends. The great part about their trading activity is that it never changes with time. Because they move such massive amounts of money they must first accumulate a position before allowing the price to move. This clearly identifiable time in the market allows us to enter with the banks. They have a clear trading strategy, and it is THEIR strategy we must learn to profit in the forex market.

Leave This Website Now !

If you are here to find a secret Forex indicator, incredible Forex EAs or robots, a fantastic Forex signal service or the Forex Holy Grail, then leave this website NOW, but please bookmark us so you can come back when you have spent all your hard earned cash on such services and blown more than a few live trading accounts.

Let us assure you that, there are NO Forex secrets, NO neural logic analysis networks, NO black box systems or indicators, NO killer trading systems, and NO unique or new discoveries. The only thing that is stopping you from succeeding in Forex is YOU, because you’re looking for something which does not exist!

You need to understand that if all those tools were generating the profits their creator’s claim, why would they sell them in the first place? Traders have been trying to beat the markets for generations; one would not even need to trade if they were able to solve this great trading problem so efficiently. Such a person would be an instant celebrity, invited to meetings and panels all around the world by large financial firms and universities. Just the fees charged for a public speech would be equal to thousands of copies of the trading software or system sold online, and the creator of the method would live the rest of his life comfortably without having to do anything else.

If there is a real Holy Grail in Forex trading, it certainly cannot be attained by throwing away your money to some random slick marketer or online peddler. In fact, the ancient principles are still valid: Control your emotions, study the markets, learn about the technical that drive price, refine your character to suit the demands of a trading career and all will become attainable.

You do not need any third party killer system or fancy indicator; you yourself are your own killer system. The Forex Holy Grail does exist, it's between your ears and with training, commitment, determination and perseverance on your part we will help you find it.

We cannot guarantee when you’ll find the Holy Grail within yourself, but we can assure you that the benefits you’ll derive by obtaining the correct Forex trading education and attitude will be thousands of times more useful to you than any kind of Forex scam snake oil products bought online.

Realize now that the Holy Grail is not out there, it’s what you see when you look in the mirror!

If you understand this, then spend some time take The Path of Learning that others before you have done and go from a losing amateur to a profitable Professional trader.

Learn How to Trade the Forex with Bank Manipulation secrets

Forex Bank Manipulation trading is a technique that enables you to analyze the Forex markets accurately and consistently to find those high probability trades. Through years of learning how to read price action properly, I will teach you where to hunt for those high probability trades.

Mastering how to read the charts properly is only half the battle and learning to control your emotions and having the correct mind set and discipline is an area you will develop by joining this community. Understanding the fact that the markets repeat themselves over and over due to human participation enables you to gain your edge over the markets.
With the  Beginners course, Advancedlevel course, Pro level Forex Bank Manipulation courseTradingstudio, Trade analysis, plus lots of free educational Forex articles and videos you will soon begin to understand how trading doesn’t have to drive you up the wall but can be very profitable, satisfying and stress free.
Only serious Forex students are welcome here.


(Advance level course e-book + Daily trade setups + weekly Market commentary video+ Live chat support)

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