Section 1: Introduction

In this lesson we will present to you several trading ideas that could help you in your trading performance. 

Most of these trading ideas could be integrated into your trading system, make sure though to test them well and make sure they fit into your trading style and personality. 

This lesson is structured in the following way: 

Section 2: Another Way to Use Oscillators: we will review one of the most effective ways to use oscillators. 

Section 3: Currency Pairs Correlation: there is no point taking two positions on two correlated pairs, as you are likely to get the same result on both trades. 

Section 4: Starting as a Scalp Trade: start small, but if everything goes right, go big. 

Section 5: The 2 am EST High/Low: very interesting things happen around this hour in the Forex market. 

Section 6: Overnight Moves: what is the effect of overnight moves in the Forex market? 

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