Forex scams, as in all other sectors, exist even in the brokerages’ industry. Were you thinking that your broker was of trust, but at the end was proven to be a scam?
Well, as in all industries, even in forex or binary, scams are everywhere. BE CAREFUL!
Choosing your broker starts and ends with trust, regulation, and long-term relationship.

Is your beloved broker one of the forex scams?

If your beloved broker cannot be trusted, do not fall into the trap of making any fast decision either because you felt like it or because you were in a hurry to trade.
Choose the broker that fulfils all the ethical and regulatory criteria, before falling into a SCAM!
SCAMMERS are everywhere and, therefore, you should always watch out! Below is a checklist where you can spot a broker that is, probably, a market marker or is one that is likely to be a SCAM:
  1. Is your broker regulated?
  2. Is your broker executing withdrawal requests with too much delay?
  3. Is your platform facing Market Re-Quoting regularly?
  4. Were there cases where your stop loss or take profit targets did not trigger?
  5. Is your broker offering ”SUPER” bonuses?
Now that you are familiar with the key five reasons that can help you to spot scam brokers, make the right choice.
It is never too late to learn from your mistakes, as long as they are transformed into opportunities as this is what matters the most.
Before finalizing your decision, check your broker’s website, bonuses, legal implications, history, feedbacks, and reviews. It is very easy to do your screening right and with proper care.
Moreover, if you do your homework right, from the very beginning, you will avoid any short-term and long-term unnecessary barriers. Make a wise choice to avoid forex scams. It begins and ends with your decision!

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