If you're an amateur trader, you might be keen to learn the best trading strategy in the market.

Even you might be heard of some terminologies like types traders. Is'nt?
Have you ever wondered what is it stands for?
Or How it will help someone to get profit?
Is it really exist? Is it promise able?
If you got anyone of the questions above then this post is exclusively for you guys.

Forex traders typically fall into four different categories.

1.Day traders
2.Scalping traders
3.Swing traders
4.Fundamental traders

Mostly, Traders differ in the basics of preferred time-frames.

If anyone asks what kind of trader you’re or which one you wanna be?

No matter what kind of trader you are but I have some basic principles to follow.
Some simple maths help you to be a consistent trader.

The amount risk per trade should be 1% of the total investment.

Whenever you placing a trade the reward of the trade should be more than the amount of risk for that trade.

For Instance,
Two friends(Dee & lee) Depositing a same amount of investment in a trading company.

Trader Dee Maintaining a proper R/R ratio for each and every trade.

At the same time, Trader Lee just counting on profit only and don’t care about the R/R ratio.

In Long-term view, the trader Dee would made more consistency trades then lee.

Trade without valid Risk/reward may sounds normal but the truth is different.

If it running on your predicted way means, no problem. Or else shut your emotions and pray for price back to normal.

The Risk/Reward ratio maintaining is a promisable tool to make consistent trades.

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