In this article, we likely to focus on three upcoming events which could help you to make money. the market will likely continue to focus on the Fed and ECB. Both Draghi and Powell will be speaking throughout the week and in a joint ECB panel discussion.

Three upcoming events are:
New Zealand Gross Domestic Product:  The key data such as GDP will be highly influential in determining the move either (Bullish/Bearish).
Bank of England Monetary Policy Decision: It will be a key event for determining rate hike expectations and monetary policy expectations as a whole.
Canadian Consumer Price Index: Inflation is one of the major factors on the BoC's policy decisions.

The main chance of the week will originate from the arrival of the RBA's gathering minutes. These minutes will identify with their June 5 meeting where the RBA kept strategy unaltered.

At the gathering, the RBA repeated that low level of rates keeps on supporting the economy. In any case, expansion and wage development is probably going to stay low for some time.

The RBA included that they do expect a pickup in local development this year and one year from now. Be that as it may, a fortifying AUD would bring about slower get of development and expansion.

Generally speaking, the RBA neglected to amaze markets, bringing about a moderately quieted response. As the gathering was a non-occasion, we think that it's far-fetched that this will give an opportunity.


GDP (Gross domestic product)-NZD

This occasion follows two key releases, GDP Q/Q and GDP Y/Y.

Currently, market census GDP Q/Q to print at 0.5% and GDP Y/Y to print at 2.7%. It was bit low when compared to the last year data.
On 2017 GDP Q/Q  0.5% and GDP Y/Y 2.9%

If the data deviates from expectation means, the move will lean on the bullish side.
Or else, the move will stick on the bearish side.

Even GDP beats our expectation means, it will be able to move in the bullish zone on a long trade.
If data disappoints, it will move on to the bearish zone. but there is some chance for some short trades.

June 21, Thursday.

SNB June Meeting – CHF

At their June meeting, the market generally anticipates that the SNB will keep strategy unaltered. This would keep financing costs at their chronicled lows of - 0.75%.

The SNB is outstanding for talking down CHF and, hence, any jawboning is probably not going to perceive any response. Besides, as indicated by ING, the SNB is probably not going to give an impetus to more CHF quality by flagging a more tightly strategy position.

With jawboning insufficient and the SNB probably not going to be hawkish, we anticipate that the SNB will be a non-occasion. The better open door for exchanging CHF will probably be from the place of refuge streams on the off chance that we get a hazard off tone.

June 22, Friday.

Consumer Price Index – CAD

The Canadian consumer price index consists of seven reports,


A positive CPI report would further support rate hike expectations on CAD.
If Core CPI improves from last month, the market will consider it positive. If Core CPI slows from last month, the market will consider it negative.

A positive deviation in headline CPI and an improvement in Core CPI will be CAD positive. A negative deviation in headline CPI and slowing Core CPI will be CAD negative.


There are a lot of occasions yet to happen in this week, but these three incidents having high volatility.

New Zealand GDP,  SNB June meeting-CHF and Canadian CPI could all provide excellent opportunities. Each of these events has the potential to influence sentiment and the fundamentals.
The goal of this article is to help you improve your understanding and ability to trade risk events.

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