Past week, market focused on escalating trade war tension between US and CHINA.
Latter trump warning of a further 10% tariff worth $100billion.

Danske bank states the act as," Trade war becomes a reality as trump pushes further".
However, any developments in the trade war will grab the market attention.

Anyhow, this week we will focus on the RBNZ rate decision and GDP releases from the US, UK and Canada.

This week RBNZ rate decision will be the main event and it will decide the basic movement in price pair.

US and UK final GDP announcements. These announcements will confirm the growth for Q1.

Canadian GDP. From April it reporting as growth so, any deviation in the report will be tradeable one.

Eurozone flash CPI. Inflation is the ECB's primary focus. for making euro in stable condition CPI's a key release for markets.


The primary occasion of the week and likely the feature of the week will be the RBNZ’s June policy decision. At this gathering, the market generally expects the RBNZ to keep policy unchanged.

Following Q1 Gross domestic product a week ago, numerous experts are anticipating that the RBNZ should shelter the tentative side for this gathering.
ING's standpoint is similarly as distressing as our own, expressing that 'the effect on NZD ought to be impartial, best case scenario'. While ANZ takes note of that ongoing advancements have been negative on adjusting.

With the market prone to position for a dovish RBNZ, NZD could even weaken into the RBNZ. If a dovish tone is then struck by the RBNZ, we would expect the inclination for NZD to stay to the drawback.

This implies an NZD short heading into the RBNZ could be an incredible call. Particularly if combined with a partner that has an especially bullish assessment inclination.

We expect the NZDUSD pair to fall 100 pips to 0.6800 or even below in the event of the RBNZ being dovish.

Of course, if the RBNZ surprise markets, striking a more upbeat tone, NZD will likely strengthen. This would make for an excellent NZD long.

we expect the NZDUSD pair to fall 100 pips to 0.6800 or even below in the event of the RBNZ's being dovish.


US Final Gross Domestic Product – USD

This will be the third and last modification for Q1 GDP in the US. This is a key financial information point, showing how much the US economy developed by in the principal quarter of the year.

Market accord is for GDP to stay unrevised from the Preliminary (second) gauge at 2.2%. This would affirm a slower rate of development from Q4 2017's 2.9% yet at the same time a sensible rate for Q1.

Given the significance of GDP, a huge correction lower or higher will probably move USD. In the event that modified lower, we would expect USD shortcoming and if higher, USD quality.

Despite the fact that GDP is a noteworthy occasion, additionally, exchange war advancements could eclipse the discharge. Accordingly, the perfect exchange will perceive any supposition from exchange war improvements bolster any deviation in GDP.

In the event that any estimation from exchange war advancements stands out from conclusion from GDP, USD will probably trade mixed. In this situation, there will probably be no unmistakable opportunity.


Similarly, the UK final GDP will be the third and final estimation for the Q1 growth.
Over the months UK data was relatively mixed. the key points such GDP can make highly influential to the market overview.

The market expects UK Final GDP to remain unchanged from the second estimate at 1.2% Y/Y and 0.1% Q/Q.

Last week’s BoE meeting was overall hawkish with a surprising dissent from Haldane. Nevertheless, if data continues to disappoint, the outlook for GBP will become increasingly bleak.

For this reason, a revision lower could spark further doubt over the UK’s economic performance. This would likely weigh on GBP and even question the likelihood of an August hike.

Conversely, an upward revision could further support August rate hike expectations.

Therefore, a positive deviation could support GBP, providing an opportunity to go long. On the other hand, a negative deviation could weigh on GBP, providing an opportunity to go short.

It’s worth noting that Brexit developments have influenced GBP sentiment over recent weeks. Any significant Brexit announcements could overshadow UK Final GDP.

For this reason, any Brexit sentiment should support any deviation in GDP for the ideal trade. If sentiment surrounding Brexit contrasts with a deviation in GDP, there will likely be no clear opportunity.

EUR-Eurozone flash CPI.

Expansion in the Eurozone is the ECB's essential core interest. Hence, as a measure of expansion, CPI will be critical to the market's major viewpoint for EUR.

Market desires are for Eurozone CPI to achieve the ECB's objective of 2% in this discharge. From a key viewpoint, this is an incredible sign that EUR's bullish standpoint stays unblemished.

Obviously, the late notion has been remarkably bearish, and a miss from CPI could additionally weigh on EUR estimation. Then again, a beat should enable re-to adjust EUR's key and supposition inclination'.

A beat in CPI should help bolster EUR, giving a chance to go long, particularly if feature CPI surpasses 2%. Alternately, a miss will probably weigh on EUR, particularly if CPI moderates from May's print of 1.9%.

Canadian GDP – CAD

Canadian GDP will be of less essentialness than the week's sooner US and UK discharges. This is on account of this GDP discharge will be for the period of April as it were.

In any case, a huge deviation could even now be advertise moving and give an opportunity.

The market anticipates that GDP for April will ease back to 0.1% from March's 0.3%. In the event that GDP really gets, the report will probably weigh on CAD, giving a short opportunity.

On the other hand, a beat on expects, particularly if over March's 0.3% will probably bolster CAD. This would give an incredible chance to go long.

With rather distressing desires for the RBNZ this week, we trust the predisposition for NZD is to the drawback. Moreover, past the RBNZ affecting NZD estimation, the major viewpoint appears to be progressively indeterminate.

The market keeps on expecting the RBNZ's best course of action to be a climb. ANZ keeps on anticipating that the following move should be a climb in the second 50% of 2019.

In any case, this perspective may start to change if the RBNZ turn out to be progressively timid and information keeps on baffling.

US and UK Last Gross domestic product for Q1, Canadian Gross domestic product for April and EU Streak CPI for June could likewise all give awesome openings. Be that as it may, we exhort checking exchange war advancements for USD and Brexit improvements for GBP as well.

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