There is a lot of difference between the on-ground and off-ground. on-ground play always differs from off-ground.

Like that your trading experience is varied from learning.

Whenever we learn something new, we have a question
How/where can I implement it?
So, now we are going to discuss How to place the entry and Stop loss in a bullish trend.
I hope this will help you to groom yourself to achieve your dream of becoming a master trader.

ADD ON: There must be an impulse before placing a trade on trend continuation pattern.

In above graph, signals moving in an up-trend. Let see how to place a trade in that?

This trading strategy has some condition to fulfil
Conditions are:
Impulse must be on left side of your chart either bullish/bearish.
Entry point should before the breakout.

Rule 1.

Place your buy setup at support level before jump off  and stop loss must be at the previous low point.

Rule 2.

This strategy based on a breakout.

In case the signals broke the resistance trend and went far away means, wait for resistance turn into support. This known as throwback.

Once it occurred place your trade without any hesitate, set a mark for Take profit at previous high and stop loss at previous low next to trend line.

I hope this live chart examples will help you to understand more
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