As we discussed earlier, finding impulse and correction signals in chart was a preliminary step to predict the price flow.

Once we came to know how to identify it. Spontaneously, we have a question

How to identify Impulse and corrective structure in a particular trend and how to place a trade?

A trade was decided by lot of external and internal factors. every trade has its own uniqueness and behaviour.

In the above examples,


The signals starts in bearish trend and a impulse forms against the trend flow.

which forms A wave and tend correction which forms B wave or trend continuation pattern.

we buy at breakout and set the stop loss behind the B wave or flag pattern.


In that, we have bearish trend which forms A wave and then corrective structure follows the previous pattern.

we could sell that at breakout for wave c and set the stop loss behind the B wave.

I hope these two live chart examples will help you to understand more

A impulse formed against the trend flow and tends corrective structure.which changes the trend flow.

But, here its a different scenario the bearish trend forms A wave and the corrective structure follows the previous trend pattern. If you find it useful, hit the like and comment Follow our updates for more profitable trades.

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