Mostly both patterns are look same, but it isn't.

Ascending broadening wedge ( Trend reversal pattern)

Expanding triangle ( Trend continuation pattern)

ASCENDING BROADENING WEDGE: ( Trend reversal pattern)

This pattern comes with triangle and narrow edges. Most of the points contacted the resistance and support.

If the signal, hit resistance 3rd time means, its a Best place to sell (shown in graph)
In-case the first impulse is sharp, then signal leads the trend in reverse.

That impulse tends a correction, and reverse the trend.

The common strategy is, wait for the break-out confirmation. Break through after the impulse.
EXPANDING TRIANGLE: ( Trend continuation pattern)

Moreover, its similar to the reversal pattern. But here Support plays an important role.

The signals hit the support for 3rd time or more than that means, its a best place to BUY (shown in graph)

If the expanding triangle forms a corrective wave at top means, the market going to continue the previous pattern.

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