Last week, most of the cryptocurrencies are hunted by the news of South Korean hack.
But the sentiments are still smoking across the market.

It was a crazy dive for bitcoin on this year.

Most of the people(new traders) thought this could be an end for BTC. Or it will bleed a lot to overcome the fall.

But everything looks positive, right now. In the chart, signals recovering from the downtrend.

On a daily time scale, at 9951.4 the market tends a possible pullback and turned the trend. ( shown in the graph)

Due to its fragile nature, the breakdown happens frequently to change the trend.

After the pullback, signals tend to emit an impulse on the bear ground. But the correction saved us from that thing won't happen.

Meanwhile, the signals gathering a potential power for a high run.

I'm expecting a nice impulse to price take off.

The impulse could break the trend and move far high. these are all add-on for BTC.

Otherwise, drop our trade at 5032.2 it won't be a loss for you.

If its impulse, the profit will be markable.

Wait for the move and decide our trade.


Order: BUY
Entry: 6465.5
Take profit 1: 9793.2
Take profit 2: 11662.5
Stop loss: 5032.2
Risk Vs Reward: 3.63

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