Section III: Looking For Easy Money 

Unfortunately, most people are attracted to the Forex market for this reason.
All because of the publicity of:
  • Some brokers showing or rather trying to show how easy is to trade and make money almost instantly in the Forex market
  • Signals providers offering the best signals that will make you rich instantly and reach the financial freedom every trader is looking for by showing you the secrets of the big dogs.
Is it easy to trade?
Yes, it is true, everyone can do it, putting on a trade is only one click away.
Is it easy to make money?
Yes, I will have to agree with this one again, it is easy to make money. No knowledge of even what a constitutes a currency is required to make a winning trade. What they don't tell you though, is that it is even easier to lose a trade (because of the spread).
What is important here is that you cannot earn a living trading that way. In order to make a living trading the Forex market, you need to be consistent, and believe me, this is no easy task. To be a consistent profitable trader means that over several periods of time a trader makes money. Just 5% of all traders achieve this goal. Therefore, it is possible, but in no way easy.
Is it possible that a signal provider could make a trader rich? I don't think so. There are no certainties in this business; in fact, no one (signal providers) will ever care if you lose money. The only person responsible for losing money following someone else’s advice, will be you. Because you are the one who is actually executing the trades.
There are no short cuts; no one will ever make you rich but yourself. How do we achieve this? Working hard, this is the only way you can succeed as a trader.
Besides, what would you get by following someone else's advice? Nothing, following blindly someone else's advice would not give you the knowledge, the experience and nothing else good at all. Because you do not know the reasons behind any trade, you don't even know if the signals come from a system. You might make some money if the signals are good. But let me ask you another question… Do you intend to rely on one signal provider for the rest of your life? I don't think so.
So at the end, you will lose precious knowledge and experience that you could have gained by trading on your own, and most importantly, you will have lost time.
And what about the big dogs’ secrets?
Again, there are no secrets, the only truthful secret is that there are no secrets, but please keep this between you and us J 
FACT - There is no easy way to become a consistent profitable trader. There are no shortcuts, and the only way to get there is through hard work, self-discipline, patience, understanding the market, experience, taking only calculated risks, and more characteristics that we will learn throughout the course.

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