Section IV: Looking for Excitement

Some other traders are attracted to the Forex market or any other financial market because of the excitement that is to be and be named a trader. And to tell you the truth, it is very exciting. But if this is the main reason you were attracted to the Forex market, or more precisely, this is the reason you are still trading or interested in trading the Forex market, sooner or later you will discover the most expensive adventure you have ever known.
At first, it is all excitement, but as the time goes by, and traders get more involved in the trading process, they realize it is not as easy they thought it would be. All the excitement calms down, and it becomes an obsession. At this phase, only the 5% of all traders, the ones that are consistent profitable, still think it is exciting.
Believe me, there is nothing less exciting than losing money month after month. This happens to around 90% of all traders.
I am aware most of us think trading is exciting, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is not the main reason you are still trading or intend to trade.
There are many other exciting adventures that are way cheaper than trading. Analyze it, because trading, if treated this way, could be a very expensive adventure.
FACT - Yes, trading is exciting, but this should not be the main reason you are trading or intend to trade. Do some thinking on it, otherwise, you will find out the hard way as many have done.

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