Summary Report

Ok, now that you have read the lesson material please make sure you completely understand and/or do the following:
Believe it or not, this section is more important for advanced students than for novice students. Advanced students have to identify their mistakes and change their behavior in order to achieve consistency. On the other hand, novice students only need to be aware of them and take actions to avoid them.
Changing behavior is not a simple task, be it in trading or other aspects of life.
Identify three or four of these common mistakes that you are most likely to make (or already fell prey to), write them down and for each one of them do a check list of what you are going to do to avoid falling prey to the chosen mistake. Have this piece of paper viewable by your desk at all times.
Take this exercise seriously, writing things down always helps us re-direct our thoughts and actions towards our objectives (as well as making them present at all times in our minds).

Good Luck!

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