Section II: Creating a Trading System

It is very important to have a system that perfectly fits your personality, otherwise you will find it difficult to follow and it will be hard to generate consistent results. Nevertheless, how do we know if the system we are trading is the right for me? On the last section of this lesson, we will find out the proper steps that need to be followed in order to make sure our system fits us.
Most traders have problems with the system they are using because they did not develop it. A system that works for one trader does not mean that it will work for all traders. The system creator “created it” based on his personality and unique circumstances (trading capital, risk profile, etc).
If this is your case, you need to follow the same rules and re-create and tweak the system until it fits your needs as a trader and personality.
In order to create a successful system you need to take care of the following steps:
1. Types of systems
2. Trading styles
3. Choose the concept of trading
4. System Conceptualization
5. Testing and live trading
We will go through every single step through this lesson.

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