Open a Demo Account

If you are trading a live account we strongly recommend you to stop trading it. Throughout the course we will show you all the tools and knowledge you must know and must apply to trade consistently the Forex market. It will not hurt to wait a little longer, until you understand everything to a 100%.

In the meanwhile, open a demo account. There will be times we are going to watch the market and make live trades. Also at the live conference room, you are going to be able to apply everything learned under live market conditions.

We don’t want you to spend more money on charting software and data feed. We recommend you to open a demo account of MetaTrader 4.0 (available for free at It is a very complete platform. It includes a very easy to use charting package.

Another platform you may want to use is EXNESS This broker allows to trade micro contracts, a very useful capability for money management. (We will talk about this throughout the course).

The URL to open a demo account with this broker is

We have our live accounts with EXNESS, we only use MetaTrader 4.0 for charting purposes. 

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