How to get the most out of our Training Programs?

The first and most important step to be successful is “wanting to succeed”. When we see our members trying hard it motivates us and makes us work even harder.

Commit yourself to this course

There is a lot of information in the course, some of it you may already know, but we need to make sure you understand every single concept before going through the main topics of the training program. We have had many experiences about traders that lose their trading accounts just because they didn’t understand basic concepts, such as leverage or margin calls. We don't want this to happen to you.

Remember we are here to help you, if you have any question don't hesitate to ask us, our instructors will be more than glad to help you on any issue regarding trading the Forex market, the course material, marital problems (kidding), etc.

Open your mind

There will be times throughout the course that you will not believe our assessments about the Forex market, it has happened to us before. So we ask you to open your mind to every possibility.

Sometimes we find the answers we are looking for in the less expected place or concept. When we don't expect to find an answer in some concept for instance, we tend to close our mind to that possibility. Negating us the opportunity to overcome our weakness or to find the answer we are looking for.

In fact, this is the case for most traders. Most traders think the answers they are looking for are somewhere in the system they are trading. But plenty of times, the answers rely inside of them (i.e. psychology barriers, discipline, etc).

Please, be open minded, we have found the hard way what we are about to share to you. We know what it is like, the frustration to lose trade after trade, and don't trade those that could have been winner trades. But we want you to learn it the right way from the beginning, so you don't experience what we did.

It will be difficult, trading successfully is no easy task, but if you try as hard as you can and apply everything learned during the course, you will reach your trading goals.

Our job as mentors

Our job as mentors has one sole objective: to assist you to be the best trader you possibly can be (speeding up the learning process). We will show you the correct way, we will share our experience and knowledge with you. But only you can decide to take our advice and work hard on it.

If you decide to work hard, you are likely to reach your goals.

Works as hard as you can!

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