Section 1: Introduction

Aside from all the knowledge you may have and the tools you might have acquired there are other things you can do to improve your trading performance. Some of these things are not closely related to your trading but still can have a great impact on your trading performance. 

Some specialists say trading successfully is all about technical analysis while others assure success in any area is all about our minds, others say it is all about risk management. 

I would say all of them have an important part in the process of success, but there are also other things that can have an indirect impact on your trading performance, we will review some of them in this lesson.

This section is structured in the following way: 

Section 2: Organize Yourself: having a clean workplace and a schedule can help you in more ways than you can imagine. 

Section 3: Self-Analysis: sometimes we don't feel like trading, we are just not comfortable, and identifying those moments could save us some money. 

Section 4: A Trading Scenario: an ideal trade should look like this. 

Section 5: Some Important Ideas: we will expand on some important points that could help us become better traders. 

Let us begin...

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